Zelyoni Bazaar in the evening...

There is a short pedestrain underpass in my hometown, and that stupid thing was bad lit since I went to primary school. There were several attempts to shed light into the tunnel, but whoever tried it in the past failed miserably.

I remember myself walking around that underpass ten years ago, attending a so called "Lichtfest". While a local guitarist was shredding on the bed of a lorry, everyone including our mayor was glad to hear the new underpass-lighting-concept being announced.

Few weeks ago (10 years later) the concept developed by a local artist (of course) turned into reality ... 




I´m really glad for everyone in my hometown for having that new, expensive LED-lighting-setup in the underpass now, but after I spent a couple of months in Almaty I have a new word for all of you, being scared in a stupid tunnel somewhere in Germany and that is: Wimp.

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