Baracholka is one of the main resources for ... well, everything.

It is one of the largest Bazars for imported Chinese "goods" in Central Asia. All kinds of copies are available next to the original. I recently found a nice Adidas Sweater, which was supposed to be an original but unfortunately did not remember the exact position of the store when I decided to buy it two hours later.

Baracholka is a HUGE labyrinth of corridors mainly marked by endless cargo-container-alleys although there are lots of improvised paths too and it is likely to get lost there.

The areal is placed both sides of a main arterial road, which is traffic-jammed chronically. The pedestrian underpasses connecting both sides are nightmarish siblings of the one I described here but it is quite comfortable to walk around there unless you don´t behave like a stupid tourist.

In comparison to Büyük Çarşı Baracholka loses the competition in terms of beauty atmosphere, on an on - but one can be assured not to bothered by pseudomultilingual vendors of cheap carpets, sweets or spooky traditional costumes on a constant basis.

There should be also a section where rare dogs are sold, but I haven´t found it yet.

During my first visit there (on my third day in Almaty) I took some shoots with a crappy camera, which I still recommend as the most unobstrusive one when it comes to Street-Photography ... with 3G compatibility.

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