Back in Almaty / Random Shots left from Germany

More or less pleased, we´re finally back in Almaty, which means way more sunshine but much colder winter. I got a nice warm coat from my girlfriend´s grandfather and I also brought an astonishing warm hat, formerly worn by Czech-Army-People.

Since I´m not into showing family images here I choose some boring ones instead.

Our Christmas tree was a kind of small this year.

My friend Jones was so kind to accompany me, testing a new lens before buying it. 

My favourite Dog is called Nane. She lives in Lower Saxony, and is the most photogenic beast I know.

"Hopfendolde" became my place to be in Dortmund. 

My little Brother ordered excellent Italian food for his birthday party

... and I kept on shoot kitschy textures. Guess this fascination dates back to the day, when Microsoft allowed users to change their desktop background images, although I must confess I never changed them again after I had Mac OS X 10.4.

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